Saturday, August 13, 2016

Going to Camp ~ Camp Create 3 Final Session ~ Divine Dry Embossing ~ Farewell Bonfire

Good Morning Dreamerz,

As the title of my post says I am going to camp!! This is not the camp of my yesteryear, this is a camp for crafters! My favorite kind of camp, no mosquitos, no embarrassing situations at the pond (don't ask), and the best camp counselors  aka MFT Designers, a crafty girl can ask for!!

Well as day 4 of camp came to a close I was still struggling with this new technique, and I really wanted to rush off and attend the farewell bonfire that night Divine Dry Embossing would just have to wait.  So I grabbed my marshmallows and glass of sweet tea and off I went to the bonfire and WOW so much fun! The bonfire was AH-Mazing, the colors of the fire with the reds, oranges, and yellows.  We also got to find out that there was a bonus project to do should we choose to and the theme was "Single Layer Savvy" I was so happy as this was something I love to do.  After the bonfire I came back to my bunk my head filled with ideas for the single layer card and I knew just what I wanted to create.  I used all the colors of a fire on the card, I masked, stamped and embossed, I just knew exactly where this card was going.  Then it hit me about the dry embossing project.  I was overthinking the whole thing!! So I set the bonus card aside and worked until the wee hours of the morning on the dry emboss technique.

So today I finished both cards up and am sharing them with you now.  I still have 1 day of camp to catch up on but there is still time here at camp.  

Divine Dry Embossing


Single Layer Savvy

I will update the Card Recipe'(s) later because I need to get back to camp and finish my day 5 card!! 

I hope you enjoy my Camp Projects and look at the swell badges I earned for participating on day 4.
Divine Dry Embossing Badge

Bonfire Bonus ~ Single Layer Savvy

Participation Badge

Have a great day Dreamerz.


  1. Gorgeous cards! That unicorn is too cute! Sounds like you had a great time at camp.

  2. They look amazing MaryAnn! They're both lovely... I especially LOVE that floral one... BEAUTIFUL!!


  3. Your cards are beautiful MaryAnn! I am in love with that u icon card!



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