Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rocks? Why uumm yes please!

Good Morning Dreamerz

Today is a little different from my usual blog post showcasing cards that I create so bear with me and please read and and enjoy!
There is a new craze sweeping the nation right now and it is Rock Painting.  Communities all over the United States are forming local FaceBook groups and painting rocks.  What's that you say?! Painting Rocks?, why yes, I did say that.  It is the perfect excuse to get the kids and adults out from behind the electronics, use their imagination, create something, spend time with each other and then to hide these little treasures out in their communities.  

One such community is the FaceBook group BeaumontCaROCKS and that is the one I belong to.  These kids and their families are having the best time ever.  Now while my children are fully grown I am a grandmother and a crafter, so when I saw this group forming I joined in and started creating with supplies found only in my craft room (with the exception of a can of clear lacquer to seal the finished rocks) Below are some pictures of the rocks I have done and some of the happy faces of those that found them, along with some other pictures of rocks that have been hidden in our community.
I will be writing a much more detailed post on how I created my own rocks, but for now I can say I stamped all my images, used copic markers, sharpies, and watercolors, along with lots of embellishments!!
On to the Pictures!!!
start with a blank canvas
Stamp some images or hand draw some
paint, decorate, and seal to protect them

Now some pictures of the happy faces that found them

Aubrey and Jacob
Aubrey hunted for 2 solid days looking for this one
from the left, Aubrey, Jacob, and Samantha
I have pictures of the other children and will update this blog posting when I recieve their parents consent to post their pictures on social media. Now on to some of my community's pictures.
Dorothy painted the Geisha, Sunset artist unk.

Joseph Jr
Riley, Taylor, and Caydence

And some are taking what they find and replacing with one of their own!! look my little pineapple got a new home and was replaced with this amazing painted rock to look like a travel trailer.  WOW the imagination here in our community is strong.
Shannon's Trailer she left in place for the pineapple which I then went back out and traded (yes I had to have that trailer!) for this cute Flamingo

Well Dreamerz it is the 4th of July here and I am going to go spend the rest of my day with FRAMILY aka Family+Friends.  I hope this post has inspired you to create something a little out of the normal, give back to the community, and most of all to have fun!!
Have a Great Day Dreamerz


  1. Happy Fourth of July to you and your family too! Looks like everyone is having fun creating and finding these cute little masterpieces. Rock on! (Corny pun intended.)

  2. Happy 4th to you MaryAnn! Great post.....seems like it is lots of fun. Wonderful creations!

  3. How fun! I think they are trying to start something similar with the kids in the town where my boys go to school at. Your rocks are awesome and I love that you used stamps on them.

  4. How fun was this, looks like everyone had a lot of fun creating and finding these fabulous little pieces of art. You Rock MaryAnn

  5. Those are all so freaking adorable! I never thought about using stamps on them.

  6. Super cool! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. These are so awesome MaryAnn! Thanks for sharing!



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