Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Help a Fellow Crafter out please

Good Morning Dreamers,  This morning I do not have a project to share but a request.  The crafting community is one of the most loving, giving, supportive communities I have the please to be a part of.  No matter your crafting medium it seems as if we all have a mutual love and respect for each other, we can find the beauty in the everyday, the mundane, the "Le Gasp" dare I say it,, The Boring.. 
What is not boring, mundane, or fun is to live each day in pain, and or discomfort.  Just very recently I have had the pleasure to follow a fellow crafter who churns out amazingly beautiful creations.  Her name is Stephanie and she is hosting a giveaway of an amazing gift.  All you have to do is go to the link I am including at the end of this message, and follow the instructions for the rafflecopter giveaway.. Literally 3 minutes of your time!! Won't you please help this amazingly talented woman reach her goal? BTW While you are there take a look at her work, truly amazing!!! 

Thank you so much Dreamers, and have a great day!!!

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  1. Wow, MaryAnn!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and inspiration!! You are so right about the crafting community being so supportive. At first I tried to spread the word within the crafting community simply by telling the ladies in my design teams and creating a post about it on Instagram. I gained several votes this way, but I was worried that it wouldn't be enough. After all, 19 other people are working towards the same goal as me. I wish we all could win it honestly, and it saddens me that it can only be awarded to one person. I have shared it within each of my family members' social networks.
    My husband gave me the great idea to do a giveaway, so that is what I did! Naturally it has helped me gain votes thus far because people have an incentive to vote now. Of course, because the crafting community is so sweet I know they would have voted anyways, but I don't know too many crafters. So, the giveaway also helps me spread the word and reach people who would have otherwise never know about it.
    Your comments and blog post put a big smile on my face!! It seriously just makes me feel so chuffed that you took the time to do that!!! I really love your creations to boot! I am totally following from now on! 11 more days until the contest closes. Eek! I am excited but also nervous! I hope you have a great night and a fabulous day tomorrow. You are brilliant!!

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie Wills



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