Thursday, September 10, 2015

Well Hello Old Friend

It has been a little while since I have blogged about anything I have created but that does not mean I have not been super busy creating lots of cute, fun projects.  I have also been busy teaching paper crafting classes at 2 of our local scrapbook stores each month along with doing a few in home craft parties.  

If you are reading this I am making you a promise right now to be more diligent in posting at least 3 times per week!! So with that said here are some pictures to keep you looking until my next post.  

The first 2 pictures are Dragons from KaDoodle Bug Designs using the Knightly Kisses file.  I love Dragons, the color purple, and glitter!! So this project was a perfect fit for me.. I stuck the magnets on her back and she now greets me every morning from her view on the fridge!!

Next up is another Dragon also from KaDoodle Bug Designs, he was a freebie that was shared when the KDB Fanpage on FB reached 11K members/followers.  

Here is yet another KaDoodle Bug Designs file (I just love their files!!) I created this cute lil bookmark using only the worm from the file Apple Bookworm.  


  1. I just love seeing all your projects Mary! They just warm my heart! Great work! :0 <3

  2. wow. these are awesome. Do you glitter after or are you using glitter cardstock?

    1. I actually have been using this glitter wrapping paper that does not shed glitter, PERIOD, no glitter specks left on my cutting mats, does not chew up my blades, and is nice stuff to work with. Thick, but flexible like 80wt cardstock..

  3. All of these are fabulous, love the glitter card stock! New follower too :)



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