Friday, April 3, 2015

Baby Shower Prep the continuing story.. Or how to lose your sanity in 30 days or less..

Well I am still in Baby Shower prep mode.  It is being re-scheduled until May 16th due to major conflicts in everyone who is important having some things pop up.. So this has given me time to actually do more, be less stressed (Is there even such a thing?) and really enjoy what I do, plus I can work on my own lil fun stuff.  Up for today, Cake Pop Boxes.  The file is from SVG Cuts HoneyBee Tea file set and is super easy to put together.. Each box is different as I wanted each person at the party to take home their own unique gift..


  1. My sanity would definitely be gone in less than 30 days! They look fantastic though And wow you have been busy!



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